Okay I don’t want to sound selfish but with my birthdays coming up & I’ve told mum not to get me anything, she knows that I need a new laptop for uni & books etc but I said to her if she can’t get them, that’s fine, just don’t buy me ‘replacement’ gifts I’ll never use.

Is that selfish? I need things for uni, I don’t need chocolate and clothes at the moment.

She’s telling me I’m being selfish by telling her not to buy anything….?

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Happy 21st you filthy animals!

Happy 21st you filthy animals!

Alright so it’s been a while..

Last night we had a ‘surprise’ party for our friend Caylas 21st.
I can honestly say I can’t remember the entire night, me and alcohol don’t get along hahah!!












Yeaaaa so that’s why I don’t drink too often hahaha!!


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don’t wake me up early in the morning unless you want sex

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Oooow exciting!

I may potentially have a job interview after Thursday at a restaurant of one of my mothers friends, no guarantees though.
They’d offered me an Interview back in October but I chose to stay with my job at the time (biggest mistake).

Oh well we’ll see what happens :)


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I cannot get this right :( HELP,!
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Back to the positive posts :)

Back to the positive posts :)


Back home & sorting out my application to uni, 4th year jeeeeez :(

Oh well I have to complete my bachelors eventually.

I haven’t done a lot about job searching, at the minute it doesn’t matter as much as getting uni sorted, but we’ll see what happens.

Not much has been happening to be honest, I’ve got my car back finally so I have a bit of freedom from these bloody suburbs.

Oh well I’m off for…

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My life the last week

My life the last week







Living with brother, left my brothers hours, stranded in Sydney city for almost 2 days, waited at airport for 22 hours, moved into flat, moved back home.

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All right, just a quick update.

All right, just a quick update.

I got kicked out of my brothers house in the middle of the night, walked 30 minutes with my two suitcases, two handbags and 2 winter jackets to McDonald’s and waited until 7am for a bus to Parramatta, bussed from there to Grainville, trained from Grainville to the city, then another train from there to Sydney airport.
I arrived 22 hours early so I just chilled out on tumblr until then.

Note: I…

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My father chose his inheritance over his first daughter.
My mother chose her freedom over her only daughter.
My adopted father chose his money and his un-born biological children over his only daughter.
My brother chose his fiancé over his only sister.

I need to find something to help me cope right now.
I’m homeless, broke, tired, hungry and cold.
My flight is 30 hours away.

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